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Both the Shadow 26 & 33 have the racy, classic looks, sleek lines and performance one expects from true sports cruisers.

As you've no doubt gathered Shadow boats are all about choice - and especially so when it comes to the designer-styled interior, which can be open plan or saloon / for'd cabin.

Here you have a choice of over 30 interesting upholstery fabrics together with a varied range of curtain, carpet and laminate colours.

Cruising the inland waterways couldn't be easier with a Shadow, the specially designed hull offers outstanding low speed manoeuvrability, with the propeller and rudder protected by a skeg. The Cabriolet version gives a lower, more practical profile, particularly when negotiating overhanging trees and low bridges.

For the more adventurous offshore of both boats are available.

Every Shadow comes fully equipped as standard - there are no hidden extras !


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